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Secured Authentication

At Micra Infotech, we believe that network topology must be designed to the unique requirements of your individual company using detailed, proven IT methodology. It is a key imperative of any new IT network that key objectives are realised in order that you make the most of your strategic investment.

In joint consultation, a member of our IT networking team will take into consideration a number of factors when designing your new network topology such as:

  • Comprehend the current IT network configuration and understand any constraints/limitations/bottlenecks
  • What are the objectives for the new company IT network in order that we can implement a future-proof and flexible networking solution
  • Any remote offices or users who need to be taken into consideration for secure access
  • Any wireless requirements which may need to be taken into account including network security and intrusion prevention considerations
  • Evaluate potential network traffic in order to ascertain required capacity and bandwidth for a scalable solution
  • Costs assigned for the new IT network infrastructure
  • Full post-implementation support available if required

Upon completion of the above IT network planning/scoping exercise an information technology network design document will be created based on the criteria discussed and agreed upon which will be passed to the customer. After implementation the customer will receive detailed documentation outlining the infrastructure.

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LAN/WAN Design & Implementation

Fundamental research  
A competent network design is the foundation upon which all successful network implementations are built. The applications that a state of the art IP network supports have become increasingly diverse in nature. Along with traditional data applications, IP has become a transport mechanism for real-time applications such as voice, video and multimedia.

IP addressing planning
The IP addressing plan is the foundation upon which a successful logical design is built. We formulate a scalable IP addressing plan that can support the network as it grows. The use and importance of key tools such as variable length subnet masking and route summarization are utilized. Choosing the appropriate routing protocol is equally critical. The parameters used to evaluate the suitability of a routing protocol will be explored and discussed. 

Designing the wide area network  
The wide area network (WAN) is the single biggest contributor to a corporate network's cost of ownership. Therefore this is the area where the cost versus performance trade-off is most pronounced and most critical. We will explore the various alternatives that must be evaluated when choosing and designing a WAN infrastructure. Also the different topological and technological options in terms of how they relate to the fundamental WAN design goals.

LAN Design  
The considerations behind the deployment of virtual LANs (VLANs) will be explored along with the issues faced when planning and configuring VLANs. We also facilitate techniques for ensuring a scalable and resilient campus network design, including deployment of mobile and wireless LAN. The Spanning Tree Protocol has to be addressed on how it can be optimized with growing switched network.

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